Innovative Cold Cutting Techniques

Using a combination of high pressure water and its unique abrasive systems Tube Tech can provide a cold cutting service to cut almost any material including steel, concrete and other composite materials.

Cold cutting is a fast, exceptionally precise and contact free cutting method which generates no significant heat during application. Tube Tech’s specialist cold cutting services can effectively control and harness the power of the water meaning the team can work safely and quickly adjacent to live plants in what others may deem as potentially hazardous areas.

Tube Tech has used its cold cutting techniques with clients across the world in a variety of different situations, has continually maintained its exemplary safety record and has always met and usually exceeded clients’ expectations.

Cold cutting services provided by Tube Tech include:

  • Water jet on steel
  • Water jet on concrete
  • Water jet cutting of composites

Additional benefits of cold/water jet/water cutting include:

  • Cold cutting in air and underwater
  • Low reactive forces
  • Dust free
  • Damage free cold/water/water jet cutting techniques


Tube Tech are long established experts in the industrial cleaning sector.  With highly specialist and well trained staff, we are very proud of  our safety and success record.  Cold Cutting is one of many techniques that we at Tube Tech use during difficult and challenging cleaning jobs.  You may also have a specific need that you would like to talk to us about where cold cutting would be useful.  Our team of experts will be happy to discuss your challenges and work through potential solutions with you.

Our services come highly recommended and we have many case studies and testimonials available.  For the quick and effective cold cutting of pipes, tanks, vessels, plate, steel or any other solid material please contact us.

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