Please find below a glossary of our unique cleaning techniques. Please ask for more information on any of these techniques by calling Tel: +44 1268 786999.

  • darTT
    Exclusive dartt technology achieves 100% tube surface contact guaranteeing 100% cleanliness along the entire length of any straight or hairpin heat exchanger or condenser tubes.
  • drifTT System
    A special fabricated pig, propelled by means of foam nitrogen.
  • Fastclean
    A three-stage cleaning process used to clean fouled Texas towers (vertical combined feed and effluent exchangers).
  • FastIce
    A dry ice (CO2) blasting technology that is 10 times faster than traditional dry ice cleaning.
  • FastIndex
    A robotic (remote controlled) evaporator tube cleaning system that remotely drills and polishes vertical tubes from above or below.
  • Flexiburr
    Innovative SafeDrill system that unblocks U bends of hairpin heat exchangers.
  • Flexifeed
    Floating head heat exchangers cleaned using unique “in situ – fast clean” technology, avoids pulling of heat exchanger, saving cost of crane, scaffolding, gaskets, bolts and third-party costs.
  • Hydrolance
    A hydraulic driven tube / pipe reaming system.
  • Hydrowhip
    Hazardous sulphuric acid deposits safely removed using hydro whip technology delivered using sealed technology to avoid vapour escape. Simultaneous inspection ensures that the client receives confirmation of cleanliness.
  • Multi-SafeFlex
    On-line cleaning of APEX fin fan air cooled condenser units. It fully removes underside deposits while the units are still running.
  • NitroBlast
    Remote and manually controlled UHP surface preparation technology used to remove age old paint and iron oxide deposits.
  • PlaneTT
    Remote tank / vessel cleaning systems remove deposits in small pieces for easy removal, avoiding man entry.
  • PlateJeTT
    Revolutionary – external “in between tubes” shell side cleaning system. Brings any square pitch heat exchanger, back to an “as new” condition.
  • Rotaflex
    Rotaflex mill spout cleaning system cleans mill spouts in flour, wheat and rice mills in less than 8 hours. Can also be used to clean duct work, boilers and...
  • SafeDrill
    Remote tube drilling system that removes some of the hardest deposits within tube bundles.
  • SafeFlex
    Remote heat exchanger cleaning system which avoids dangerous exposure to high pressure cleaning nozzles.
  • SafeJeTT
    Combined water and Rotaflex tube polishing system to ensure tubes can be inspected using IRIS and Eddy Current.
  • SafeStop
    Simultaneous drilling and polishing of evaporator tubes.
  • SafeTrack
    Rapid drilling and polishing system ensures ACCU. Horizontal fin fan bank is cleaned in one day due to downtime criticality.
  • SafetyBoss
    Remote controlled cleaning using drilling lances and polishing technology to ensure optimum performance of critical CCR Platformer / Texas Towers.
  • ShellJeTT
    Latest Shell Side BladeJett cleaning technology removes "cured polymer" from deep within this square pitch, shell and tube heat exchanger, safely and quickly which avoided scrapping the exchanger.
  • U-Tube MicroFlex
    Innovative water jetting system reduces downtime by seven days and helps identify defective tubes.
  • WysperJet
    Ethylene fired heater decoking system ensures all hydrocarbon coke is removed and tubes are cleaned back to bare metal improving heat transfer coefficient.
  • Wysper Pump
    Polymer fouling removed using a "polymer infused" water jets and polishing heads to ensure rapid cleaning of blocked pipeline.