Company Services

Whatever your industry Tube Tech will have cleaned within it. Organisations want their cleaning partner to deliver real-world results in the most demanding situations on time and within budget. At Tube Tech, we pride ourselves on being able to do just that. In fact, we’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years.

Please review our case studies which will provide you with examples of our innovative approach to industrial cleaning. Before undertaking a project we ask ourselves the question: How can we clean it better i.e. more safely, faster, less waste, and to a higher standard of cleanliness while being more cost-effectively than using traditional methods such as high-pressure water jetting and chemicals?

A selection of our services are listed below:

  • Tube Tech’s fired heater / furnace cleaning service is recognised by world leading refining and petrochemical companies as the best technology to achieve efficiently clean fired heaters.
    Fired Heater / Furnace Cleaning
  • The Texas Tower / Vertical Combined Feed Exchanger (VCFE) is an unsung hero of many refineries and due to its innovative design it rarely causes concern to those involved in maintenance/asset management.
    Texas Tower (VCFE) Cleaning
  • Internal Rotational Inspection System (IRIS) is an ultrasonic immersion pulse echo inspection technology. IRIS provides highly accurate inspection results because of its sensitivity. However, the sensitivity achieved depends greatly on tube dimensions and cleanliness.
    Cleaning for IRIS Inspection
  • Ethylene cracking furnaces are an essential component in ethylene production facilities and are major consumers of energy. The slightest improvement in their efficiency can save operators thousands of dollars and the fouling of the convection section is an area where improved cleaning techniques can make a dramatic difference.
    Ethylene Furnace Cleaning