Cleaning Ethylene Radiant Furnace Tubes

Morning cleaning information

Stage 1 – Inspection

  • Internal Integrity inspection was done via outlet flanges using steerable equipment to negotiate full tube length via bends and through the correct tubes on the “Y” junctions which avoided cutting. External tubes were inspected using thermal imaging.
  • Deposits were found to be a mixture of dense hydro-wax and hard coke having fallen from the walls creating complete blockages.
  • The findings helped select best practice cleaning process to resolve the clients issue in the most cost efficient and quickest manner.

Stage 2 – Cleaning

  • Using specialist equipment, no radiant tube needed cutting.
  • Steerable cleaning equipment negotiated all bends and “Y” pieces removing solid coke blockages.
  • All deposits and water were removed from the tube.
  • Nitrogen was used to seal the tubes ready for re-starting once remedial work was complete.

Tube Tech Comment

Christian Chanel, International Sales: “Needless to say, the client was extremely happy with the results and the cost/time saving was an impressive 7 figure sum by avoiding re-tubing the entire radiant section.”

Client Comment

Process Engineer – Energy Specialist: “I have to say it was very quick and (Tube Tech) were very well prepared. Their scope was to unblock three radiant coils of two types (2xGK6 and 1xSRTIII). They did it in excellent way and on top of which they cleaned 6 TLEs (transfer line exchangers). We were so impressed that we want to cooperate with Tube Tech on another cleaning project.”