Innovative Tube Cleaning Technology and Techniques

There are a number of options for cleaning HRSG tubes which include high pressure water jetting, grit blasting, CO2 blasting and Tube Tech’s innovative new SafeblasTT system.

Each option has advantages and disadvantages and Tube Tech will provide expert advice based upon its experience of cleaning HRSG tubes using each of these methods.

Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) are heat exchangers that recover heat from a hot gas system. They produce steam that can then be used in a process or used to drive a steam turbine.

HRSGs are found in combined-cycle power stations and in co-generation plants which typically have a higher overall efficiency compared to combined-cycle plants.

In the energy-rich Persian Gulf region, the steam from the HRSG is used for desalination plants.

Although HRSGs are most often part of a relatively clean environment burning natural gas, they still need to be cleaned. HRSG cleaning improves their thermal performance and reduces the corrosion caused by deposits.


SafeblasTT Heat Recovery Steam Generator Cleaning System

The success of using organic blast medium with the SafeblasTT system has been well received by clients in both the combined-cycle and co-generation power plants.

Clients especially like the low or zero waste capabilities of this innovative HRSG cleaning system.

When deposit characteristics are unusual or little known, Tube Tech operatives will always take a selection of HRSG cleaning systems with them as the type and hardness of deposits can differ even within one item of the plant. Tube Tech’s approach is simple. We ask clients to supply:

·    Emailed digital images

·    Emailed isometrics

·    A completed simple questionnaire

Tube Tech can quickly establish the best HRSG cleaning method based on safety, speed and cost effectiveness.  If we cannot substantially improve a client’s current cleaning procedure, we say so. Tube Tech has an unblemished 100% record.

To find out more about Tube Tech’s superior Heat Recovery Steam Generator cleaning service, please contact us today.
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