Specialist High Pressure Water Jetting Services

Tube Tech has taken the art of high pressure water jetting or hydroblasting to another level. We challenge tradition and manipulate water in new ways to achieve outstanding results within a wide variety of industries.

Anyone can buy a water jetting pump and a couple of lances and call themselves a high pressure water jetting contractor. As the legendry Red Adair says, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”

There has been little change over the decades in the methods and equipment used to clean and de-scale popular plant assets such as heat exchangers and pipelines. The low-tech approach of high pressure water jetting or water blasting has kept it as a low-skilled job with largely unimpressive and variable results stigmatizing the industry and making customers believe it is a cheap, non-intellectual industry.

For the past 25 years, Tube Tech have been designing and developing better, faster and more cost effective ways to use high pressure water jetting in industrial cleaning. We are bringing the industry into a different era – showing that with more thought and imagination, amazing results can be achieved.

An historical reliance on low-tech, low skill water jetting has meant that clients across the world have simply accepted that the cleaning results by their local contractors are the best that can be achieved.


Tube Tech – world leading industrial cleaning specialist

We apply a high-tech approach to finding solutions to high pressure water jetting projects. Tube Tech can clean your plant using one of its 50 unique cleaning systems or it will design a new system specifically for your needs.

To discover how the advanced application of high pressure water jetting could benefit your organization, please complete our online contact form.

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Other applications where high pressure water jetting is relevant are in water jet cutting, hydroblasting and are used in many industries including oil, automotive and aviation.

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