Emission problem solved using multi-step programme


When a European power plant ramped down production due to a decrease in demand the operator noticed HRSG deposits were being carried up and out the stack into surrounding residential areas.

Tube Tech’s objective was to develop a technique that removed the high volumes of light flaky deposit from between the finned tubes in order to avoid atmospheric carryover.

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  • Multiple 300MW units designed with vertical gas path, horizontal HRSG’s
  • Iron oxide/iron sulphate fouling typical of ‘cold corrosion’ to be removed dry.
  • Each tube bank 20 x 3 x 4m
  • Dry clean only as delicate Internal insulation would be damaged if water used.
  • 2mm+ thick deposit heavy but very flaky dislodging easily with light impact
  • 70% of entire finned area had compact deposit sitting on surfaces.


  • Develop VibroAir – A dry mechanical device inserted between every finned row that provides sufficient shear force to remove deposit quickly and with 90% efficiency unlike traditional methods that have only ever achieved 2%
  • Demonstrate technology to client prior to mobilisation

Tube Tech Comment

Having an ex-merchant marine engineer as part of your team helped. Martin came up with an ingenius solution which was quick, easy to manipulate and easy to replicate for multiple personnel to use