The Power of Recommendations in the Oil and Gas Sector

Hearing the words “well done” or “great job” makes everyone feel good and encourages us to strive even harder again and again.

Tube Tech invite feedback from every customers so we can continue to improve our very unique industrial service. Each client receives an Improvement Questionnaire at the end of each project and their comments help us refine and improve our technologies and techniques that further reduce downtime and enable assets to be cleaned in-situ, avoiding man entry , even on-line -supporting our guarantee to be better than any traditional cleaning contractor to set Tube Tech apart in a crowded marketplace.
I was pleased to receive these two posts on my LinkedIn profile recently which re-affirm our standing as globally recognised service provider – read them on LinkedIn profile here or read below:


“Never ever tell Mike “..It can’t be done”. During my tenure at Shell Global Solutions I have never met anyone who thinks out the proverbial box like Mike. As the Global Fouling Mitigation Expert for Shell I was tasked with challenging Mike and other industrial cleaning experts to solve the most challenging cleaning tasks worldwide for Shell and their refinery and petrochemical clients. Mike was the only one never to fail at any task he was set. If we asked for a solution to clean something 2 x faster he would do it 5 times faster. Even more remarkably, he and his team would offer an engineered solution to clean it “On-line without shutting down the refinery. A truly remarkable and inventive fellow and a nice guy to boot.”
Wim Bond of Licence to Consult. (Former Global Leader in Fouling Mitigation and Decontamination for Shell Global Solutions)


“Mike is an incredibly driven guy, with a huge entrepreneurial flair. His Company is fascinating, with an excellent track record in a vital area. I wholeheartedly recommend Mike and Tube Tech.”
Graham Hill, Executive Vice-President,
Global Business Development & Strategy, KBR inc

Call for further comments of recommendation for innovative industrial cleaning services