Adam Stephenson New Starter

Tube Tech International is delighted to welcome Adam Stephenson to its ever-growing R&D team. Adam joins us as a Mechanical Design Engineer and, in this role, will focus on the development of new and existing technologies for the company.

Adam brings to Tube Tech a wealth of experience and a proven track record of development from concept through design. His list of products, from 30 years' experience of industrial design, product development and manufacturing, range from; IP phones and Geiger counters to in-car diagnostics and patient monitors. Adam will be responsible for assembly and testing of design concepts and will be first response for technical issues.

Speaking about his career and appointment to Tube Tech, Adam says, “I’ve worked in the design industry for 30 years, and throughout that time I have been originating product concepts and mechanical solutions in various market sectors and, for the majority, taking them along the product development path through to mass production.

“My creative and problem-solving appetite is still very much alive, and I look forward to new design and engineering challenges in the future.”

Tube Tech International

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