Tube Tech International (TTI) was contracted by a leading international integrated oil and gas corporation, headquartered in Hungary.

The fired heater convection unit had never been cleaned Leading to decreased performance of the Furnace F1061.

TTI’s Robotic Convection Bank Cleaning Technology was chosen for the first cleaning under our TTM partnership with Manoir Industries.

The specific demands of the project created its challenges but TTI’s planning ensured equipment was adapted to our client’s needs.

Returning near 100% heat duty and providing an instant ROI

Start releasing energy savings today.

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Tube Tech International (TTI) was contracted through our TTM alliance with Manoir Industries by a leading international, integrated oil and gas company centrally based in Hungary to provide robotic cleaning of a Furnace F1061 convection unit. The unit had never been cleaned before, so TTI’s globally proven Robotic Technology was adapted for the first cleaning of the fired heater convection unit.

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