Tube Tech International CEO, Mike Watson was invited to Yantai, China as a keynote speaker at Manoir Industries’ international conference entitled ‘Innovative Solutions for reforming and cracking furnaces’.

The two-day global industry event included keynote speakers and facilitators from Petronas, Heurtey Petrochem, GE Water Process & Technology, and Heinz Zimmermann, Chairman of the European Ethylene Producers Committee.

Mike, who attended with Tube Tech’s Managing Director Jon Camp, presented a workshop under the subject umbrella of Steam Cracking Furnaces, entitled ‘Advanced Robotic Cleaning Technology for the Oil and Gas Industry’, demonstrating how Tube Tech’s robotic “fouling removal and inspection” technology has unlocked previously untapped revenue, improved safety and transformed processes and quality for operators across the world.

Following the conference, delegates took a VIP tour of Manoir Industries’ new Yantai plant. The impressive facility is the biggest ‘fast line’ tubes production facility in Yantai, combining state-of-the-art lean casting processes with dedicated productions tools to deliver world-class quality with optimum lead times for customers.

Following the visit, Tube Tech CEO Mike said, ‘It was a pleasure to network with fellow leaders in the industry, share information and to collaborate on further improvements and innovations now, and in the future. Manoir Industries’ Yantai site is an impressive facility where Jon and I enjoyed the opportunity to see it first-hand.”