Tube Tech International (TTI) was called in by a Malaysian refining company

to clean a Texas Tower/VCFE which hadn’t been cleaned for 14 years.

Blockages were causing a high pressure drop and affecting performance of the asset.

TTI’s Texas Tower/VCFE Cleaning Technology was deployed, unblocking tubes to

dramatically improve performance and associated energy savings.

Simultaneously, TTI deployed ROV/Robotic Convection Bank Cleaning Technology to effectively clean a Crude Heater; the standard of which exceeded all other previous cleans and improved efficiency. TTI restored heat duty to the furnace’s convection section and enabled the client to experience instant ROI and greater energy savings.

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Tube Tech International (TTI) was contracted by a refining company, manufacturing and selling petroleum products in Malaysia, that was experiencing poor performance in some of its key heat transfer assets. Our specialist process fouling removal services were required for a crude heater that required specialist cleaning technology and a Texas Tower that hadn’t been cleaned since 2004.

Read the full case study for more information on the techniques we used and impressive results achieved.