Sludge Press Cleaning

Over the years, Essex based specialist industrial cleaning contractors Tube Tech has proven their sludge press cleaning techniques and were recently contacted by several major regional utilities companies to clean their sewerage plants’ sludge press rollers and open holes in-situ and as quickly as possible. The plants had previously taken the rollers offsite for cleaning.

Tube Tech are recognised as world leaders within the refining and petrochemical and power sectors and have taken their experience in these industries to develop highly innovative cleaning techniques for use of the water utilities sector.

The sludge (Klam) presses are designed to transport struvite (treated effluent, eventually used as fertilizer) and each of the sludge pressing machines contain 5 rollers. All of the rollers and the open drain holes were severely fouled with a minimum of 25mm covering of crumbly mix silicates. Previous cleaning techniques had involved the rollers having to be removed and taken offsite for cleaning. These traditional techniques had also involved high levels of waste/effluent displacement.

By using their innovative SafeJet TM high pressure water jetting system, Tube Tech were able to clean the sludge presses creating 3 x less waste/effluent. The remote SafeJet TM high pressure water jetting system was able to penetrate previously inaccessible areas of the sludge pressing machine.

“Technology Transfer from the refining and petrochemical sector to the water and sewerage utilities sector was key. Our clients were impressed with the new technology, including the speed and efficiency of our sludge pressing machine cleaning service and many wish they had contacted us earlier so they could have avoided the disruption of shutting down their plants in the past,” says Gareth Gillings, sales technician with Tube Tech.