Image caption: Speaker Mike Watson, CEO Tube Tech International Ltd. (pictured centre)
Image source: EWJI

Our CEO and Technical Director, Mike Watson, recently joined fellow industry experts at the European Water Jetting Institute (EWJI) Forum 2019 in Brussels to share experiences and ideas and address best practices for water jetting services around the world.

Mike was invited to deliver a presentation during one of the three workshops, titled “Competency of contractors: assessment, safety, and accreditation of water jetting contractors”.

In identifying the value certified water jetting contractors offer clients, Mike explained the need to establish a global authority to ensure the same high-quality standard of equipment is offered and personnel training standards are provided, no matter what country they are operating in.

Mike also discussed the key role such a global institute would have in improving dialogue and the level of engagement between clients and contractors, enabling our profession to achieve greater benefits for both parties as well as promoting its direct contribution to wider international agendas, such as reducing clients’ waste, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Image source: EWJI

The event was well-attended by a varied audience, including representatives of different national associations, countries and organisations (asset owners, suppliers and contractors). It provided a fantastic platform to exchange ideas and encouraged an invaluable debate amongst panellists and attendees to help shape the future of the water jetting industry.

Mike said, “It was a unique opportunity to present to such a diverse audience. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of a debate that is crucial in safeguarding the quality standards of water jetting services and providing assurance for those who contract us. Everyone was able to get involved in discussing the creation of a model and reference system to allow the accreditation of contractors to be recognised at an international level. It’s an exciting step for the industry.”

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