We are excited to announce that our Managing Director Jon Camp, has been named as a finalist in the 2019 Institute of Directors (IoD) East of England Director of the Year Awards.

Jon joined us as Managing Director in 2017, with 25 years’ previous experience as a company director. Over the past two years, Jon has introduced several company procedures to streamline internal processes, as well as developing a strong marketing strategy, including the launch of our new website!

The development of an innovative and collaborative company culture is something that has been important to Jon, and the evidence of this (documented in our previous company news posts), is something that impressed the IoD shortlisting judges.

Perhaps one of the highlights of Jon’s tenure thus far has been overseeing the successful bid for five million euro in EU Horizon 2020 funding. We are currently using the money to develop ground-breaking technology, and a team led by TTIL will be introducing Shell Side Jet and Flow Optimiser to the industry very soon.

“I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a company over the past few years,” Jon said. “Being named as a finalist for this award is a proud personal achievement, but what’s more, it is the acknowledgment of all of the hard work and dedication show by the team at TTIL. This is not just recognition for me, but for the company as a whole”


“Our vastly improved marketing delivery, along with streamlined company procedures and strategic planning are key to what we have achieved as a company over recent years. I am pleased with the global strategic alliances we have forged with companies such as Cokebusters, McDermott and Parfab, and the team of industry partners we have built (including Shell, Dresden University and Manoir Industries). I would like to thank all of our partners, and we very much look forward to strengthening those relationships moving forwards.”

“Achievements such as securing significant EU funding and developing some of the most advanced technology available on the market, is proof of the ambition and exciting future that the business has ahead of it. Once again, I am very proud of everyone at TTIL, and hopefully I can bring this award back to the team in June!”

The awards ceremony will take place on Friday 14 June at the Jockey Club Rooms in Newmarket. The winner of the IoD East of England Director of the Year Award will be automatically entered into the National Director of the Year Award, which will be decided on 18 October 2019 at The Brewery in London.

For more information about Jon’s nomination for the IoD East of England Director of the Year Award, please contact us.