Developing Innovative Technology – Research and Development

All the time, refineries face a growing number of challenges – and these challenges are getting more complex. At last, help is now available from Tube Tech: Here at Tube Tech, we have developed a range of extremely efficient and effective customised cleaning technologies which have transformed refinery operations and generated massive savings for clients around the world.

Investment Opportunities

Tube Tech is seeking investment for a wide range of exciting cleaning and inspection technologies all of which will have a dramatic impact on the heavy industrial sector. Please contact us for a full list of investment opportunities. A few examples are outlined below…

LIVE blasting and painting of a ship hull below the waterline,  while the vessel is under way (Reduced dry dock)

Featuring: live and below the water line a) inspection and corrosion location, blast to bare metal, inspection and confirmation of blast standard, application of tried and tested 30 second Fast Cure One Coat System (out lasts epoxy). All work is performed below the water line at 10 knots without the need for dry dock. All prototypes work.

Heat Recovery and Lagging Coating

To develop a coating that once applied to a hot surface; stores and converts heat into re-useable energy. e.g. heat exchanger shells, any live process lines etc.
Intended to replace or minimise lagging. Proprietary knowledge exists and the coating is very viable.

IT and Administration

With state of the art IT equipment and excellent administration systems, Tube Tech is able to provide clients with a professional and efficient service from the moment they enquire about a contract. Tube Tech’s ability to provide full archives to its clients – detailing every step of every contract from enquiry to completion – is one of the many ways in which Tube Tech is able to solve seemingly impossible cleaning challenges.

Research Project Case Studies

  • Fired heater convection before clean
    Furnaces / Fired Heater Convection Bank Cleaned Robotically on...
    Furnaces / Fired Heater Convection Bank Clea...
  • Top view of heater
    Furnace / Fired Heaters Tube decoking ON-LINE! at Distillate...
    Furnace / Fired Heaters Tube decoking at Dis...
  • Clean-Ex Project The Idea To develop a method for 'on-line' cleaning...
    Clean-Ex Project