Robotic Technology for Fired Heaters

Robotic Technology for Fired Heaters

The Tube Tech International fired heater and furnace cleaning service is recognised by world leading refining and petrochemical companies as the best technology to efficiently clean fired heaters.

Our robotic fired heater cleaning technology replaces traditional fired heater cleaning techniques which include: chemical cleaning, water jetting, abrasive shot blasting and dry ice.

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Technical Advantages

  • Improve fired heater performance by significantly increasing feed throughput
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduced downtime
  • More than 90% clean as standard

Safety Advantages

  • The use of robotics allows cleaning to be conducted remotely, removing technicians from the line of fire.
  • Our innovative methods reduce the size of hole needed for man entry, from a 1m x 1m access point to a 250cm x 250cm access hole. Once set-up is complete, technicians are removed, and remote cleaning takes place.

Typical Applications

  • Fired heater bundle convection bank


The Robot is a vehicle placed on the top row of every convection bank to be cleaned.
The cleaning lance is computer controlled and slides down between the tubes, cleaning deep between them.
The proximity of the cleaning head to the fouling means that it easily removes the hardest types of fouling such as cement, sulphur, and concrete like deposits.
The Robot has been developed with different blast mediums in mind.


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