Cleaning For Iris Inspection

Guaranteed Tube Cleaning Ready For IRIS Inspection Standard

Internal Rotational Inspection System (IRIS) is an ultrasonic immersion pulse echo inspection technology. IRIS provides highly accurate inspection results because of its sensitivity. However, the sensitivity achieved depends greatly on tube dimensions and cleanliness. In general, it should be possible to detect a 1.5mm defect in tubing up to 1 inch in diameter which has been properly cleaned. Both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic tubes can be inspected, providing a three dimensional picture of the defect, showing the defect profile and its depth.

For successful IRIS inspection, the tubes must be very clean. While all other inspection techniques are able to tolerate some degree of scaling, the tubes must be cleaned virtually down to the bare metal for a successful IRIS inspection.

Tube Tech is able to offer its Enhanced Tube Cleaning service to clients who need to achieve tube cleanliness standards suitable for IRIS inspection. As IRIS is an ultrasonic method, the internal tube surface should be cleaned of any product deposits, rust or loose scale. Traditional high pressure water jetting is often unable to remove all deposits, leading to operators requesting a second cleaning cycle before IRIS inspection can be completed.

Tube Tech’s bespoke remote control IRIS standard technology is used to drill, descale, polish and inspect tubes via even the smallest diameter man way / nozzle. Tube Tech is also able to access man ways/nozzles located on the side of the fully welded header, at right angles to tube sheet to achieve a bare metal clean.

Tube Tech is proud to offer a guaranteed* Enhanced Tube Cleaning service ensuring tube bore cleanliness suitable for IRIS inspection.

Cleaning for IRIS Inspection – Case Studies