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External Shell Side Heat Exchanger Cleaning – Worldwide Service

Keeping plant equipment clear of debris and deposits is essential to maintaining efficiency and reducing running costs. The external shell side cleaning of heat exchangers is just one aspect of routine maintenance which needs to be performed regularly but which, if done incorrectly, can compound problems with equipment.

The challenges of keeping heat exchangers clean depend on the application. Some processes leave sticky layers of polymer, others create solid deposits requiring specialised cleaning to remove properly. In many cases shell side cleaning of heat exchangers can be done with nothing more than ultra-high pressure water jets.

However loosening deposits and scum from shell sides is just the first stage in the cleaning process. When done incorrectly, or without due care and attention, the deposits loosened by cleaning are simply forced further into tube bundles. This debris can then further impair heat exchanger operation, damage equipment, or increase the available surface area for new deposit formation, reducing the time available between cleaning routines.

External shell side heat exchanger cleaning of heat exchangers must therefore be approached as a two-stage process if it is to be done correctly and the full value of the routine is to be recognised. It is also essential to visually inspect tube bundles and shell sides before and after cleaning to ensure that debris has been fully removed from shells sides and flushed completely from tube bundles, and that there has been no damage to delicate equipment during the procedure. Where access to tube bundles and heat exchanger internals is restricted, or impossible, the use of specialist cameras must be employed to verify that cleaning has been completed properly and debris removed completely.

Tube Tech specialises in external shell side cleaning of heat exchangers using its advanced ShellJeTT cleaning technology which has benefited clients across a number of industry sectors. Tube Tech also offers the unique BladeSpec inspection system which is one of the slimmest inspection cameras in the world. Tube Tech  can complete shell side cleaning of heat exchangers and ensures all debris is cleared completely.

External Shell Side Heat Exchanger Cleaning – Case Studies