Shell North America

Texas Towers 25m vertical exchanger: IRIS Standard Tube Polishing and Inspection. Including unblocking and descaling

“When you do IRIS testing and you do it the first time and there is no rework then there is no added cost. You have made your mark here.”

Turnaround Block Coordinator

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Shell Germany Wesseling

Fired Heater Convection Bank: Robotic cleaning of finned tube convection bank through every row

“Thanks again for your work and smooth execution of the job. It is a considerable task to perform all the cleaning in only five days.

“Well done, very successful job!

“What I can say is the stack temperatures of the furnaces dropped by 50°C in HVU2 and 80°C in CD2, which is a considerable increase in furnace/energy efficiency. We are talking about several megawatts of energy savings!

“The convection tubes cleaned by your robots contributed to the performance increase.”


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Shell Germany Godorf

Fired Heater Convection Bank: Robotic cleaning of finned and bare tube convection bank through every row

“Due to the good experience we had with Tube Tech’s innovative cleaning of our VCFE [Vertical Combined Feed Effluent Exchanger – Texas Tower], we were confident that you would be able to provide and deliver an innovative technology.

We knew that your technology would cost significantly more than standard cleaning methods, but were confident with your track record that the return on investment would be worthwhile, we also knew that standard cleaning companies would most probably not be able to deliver the required results.

We thought to either replace the upper fired heater section or clean it.  Replacement would have been 4-5 times more costly than cleaning and due to the good experience with Tube Tech, we decided to give you a chance.

As you know, overall cleaning result was very satisfactory and allowed us to recover cleaning costs faster than we expected.”

Business Development Manager, Europe

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Shell Netherlands

Ethylene Steam Cracker Furnace: Fast de-coking and de-scaling of vertical radiant tubes

“The cleaning/unblocking of the tubes was done in a much shorter time than we expected. (And believe me we have a lot of experience with these tubes!). 3-4 times faster than our site contractor. (five tubes in one day instead of 1-2 tubes per day!). After cleaning we checked the tubes (by camera) the tubes were found really clean. Much better than the “normal” cleaning by our site contractor. Capable staff, good communication possible to site (Shell) and office (Tube Tech). The method used to clean the blocked tubes is innovating and well-considered. Not harder and longer, but a better method with good equipment. It was really amazing to see how quick all the necessary steps were taking to start the job.”

Shutdown Manager

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Shell United Kingdom

ACC Fin Fan Exchangers: Removing Dirt from the Underside of Tubes On-Line

“A different technique to clean both sides of our fin fan exchangers. The processes were both safer and far more cost effective. Approximately 100 exchangers were cleaned in record time. Their innovative and proactive approach together with their willingness to solve problems gives me the confidence to contact their services regularly for all manner of cleaning.”

Plant Manager

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Shell United Kingdom

Sulphur Heat Exchangers: Dry cleaning

“in order to avoid damage to the refractory, tube take International came up with a highly innovative dry method. The same system was adopted to polish the tubes after completion thereby removing any risk of sulphuric acid erosion. No drying time was needed resulted in major downtime savings, altogether a very cost-effective job.

Site Contract Supervisor

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Shell LNG Middle East

Condenser tube bore polishing and inspection

“20,000 condenser tubes became contaminated with a microbiological fouling which required 100% removal to eliminate further wall loss. Neither HP nor UHP at 40,000 PSI worked resulted in tube damage. To put International came up with a highly innovative method cleaning several 12 m long condenser tubes simultaneously to reduce costly downtime.. For tube integrity inspection proceeded immediately afterwards with no delay.

Project Lead

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Shell Geelong / Viva Australia

Fired Heater + Vertical Texas Tower + ACC Apex Condenser

The Geelong Refinery, is one of the largest and most complex hydrocarbon refineries in Australia. It is one of only a handful of refineries in the Southern Hemisphere that produces Avgas, which is used by piston engine planes. Since taking over the Shell Geelong refinery, it is imperative that certain fouled assets that are critical to optimize production and to reduce energy are cleaned back to original design. Every row of finned convection banks were cleaned and inspected. All Texas Tower tubes were unblocked and descaled. All fouling from the underside of the Apex condenser fins (Hen House) were cleaned back to as new whilst unit remained on-line.

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Shell Dominican Republic

Vertical Texas Tower

This was the very first time a Texas Tower had been drilled and descaled by cleaning from the ground upwards. Bespoke equipment was adapted to drill vertically within a 2m limited head room as top access was limited via the top nozzle.

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Shell NLNG Nigeria

60,000 Blocked condenser tubes + Pigging of un-piggable pipelines

“Tube Tech International Ltd first worked with NLNG in 2000 when they undertook and successfully completed a very large, difficult and complex cooling water system clean out. They fully appreciated and understood the criticality and responded accordingly in a very effective manner. They provided a comprehensive range of cleaning and inspection skills to complete the challenging work scope within timescales no other available contractor was able to match. Due to the success of the project, my company secured the ongoing services of Tube Tech international by means of a 3 term service and equipment contract.

Managing Director / Chief Executive

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