Removing Contaminants from Stone Surfaces

Due to a dramatic increase in environmental contaminants, including pollution from traffic and industry, stone buildings have to be cleaned more frequently. This can increase maintenance costs dramatically.

The more conventional methods for cleaning stone have been causing concern over the past few years. Using methods such as air-abrasive or steam cleaning either incorrectly or carelessly leads to irreparable damage to the underlying stone surface.

Cleaning too often and too enthusiastically can change the way a stone building or surface looks and can cause it to decay quicker. Air-abrasive cleaning can remove some of the material from the surface, particularly if the surface is already decayed. Chemical based cleaning often leaves a residue on the surface which can lead to discolouration if not carefully controlled.

Thankfully, the advances in laser cleaning techniques means that stone buildings and surfaces can now be cleaned without the risks associated with conventional cleaning methods.

Tube Tech’s innovative laser cleaning system – a minimum of four times faster than other laser systems – can clean stone buildings and surfaces quickly and cost effectively removing the dirt without damaging the stone.

The Tube Tech laser cleaning system is the most environmentally friendly way to clean your stone building or stone surface. There is little or no waste created, the system is exceptionally quiet and by using the remote laser cleaning system, buildings can be cleaned using little or no scaffolding.

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