Biodegradable chemical cleaning services

Tube Tech recognises the increasing desire of many industries to avoid chemical use whenever possible. As we continue to increase our awareness of the damage some industrial practices cause our environment the use of chemical cleaning is reducing rapidly.

Tube Tech will always look for an alternative  method but if our clients feel that chemical cleaning is their preferred cleaning method or if we feel chemicals are the best cleaning solution for our clients then we can of course provide this service.

We are proud to work with internationally experienced chemical cleaning professionals who are able to provide the same high level of professionalism and expertise as Tube Tech.

Offering only a fully biodegradable chemical cleaning service, Tube Tech has the expertise and experience to guide you to the right cleaning method whether that be water based, mechanical or chemical.

While chemical cleaning is often viewed in an increasingly negative light it does offer benefits including:

  • Self contained cleaning therefore no safety risks to personnel,
  • Improved heat transfer coefficients, and
  • No need to arrange disposal of waste water.

Please contact us to discuss your chemical cleaning requirements.

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