Laser cleaning is the most environmentally friendly way to clean or prepare surfaces as little or no waste is created during the process. Tube Tech provides the fastest laser cleaning service in the world.

Laser cleaning works by ablation: the coating layer is removed as it absorbs the focused laser light. Very powerful but short laser pulses have little thermal influence on the base material. The blank base material reflects laser radiation, stopping the ablation process. With the correct laser parameter and best wavelength, a host of cleaning and surface preparation tasks can be achieved quickly and cost effectively.


Paint Removal by Laser

Laser cleaning is an ideal option for paint removal as the ablation process will only remove a specified level of paint which means the client can decide exactly how much paint should be removed. Due to the detailed nature of laser cleaning clients can rest assured that the surface will be undamaged following paint removal by laser. The substrate material (metal, plastic, ceramic) usually reflects most of the laser energy leaving a clean surface following paint removal. An additional benefit to paint removal by laser is that the paint is converted to particles and vapour which are then collected by our innovative vacuum filtration system.


Sandstone Cleaning by Laser

Whether removing scale caused by pollution, lime scale or other environmental damage using laser for sandstone cleaning has proved successful across the world. The laser is able to distinguish between the scale and the natural stone which means the chance of damage to the stone is greatly reduced. The operators can control the depth of penetration of the laser beam so scale can be removed from sandstone layer by layer if the client is interested in how the scale has built up over time. Again the scale, once removed, becomes a particle/vapour mix that is collected by Tube Tech’s vacuum filtration system.

Laser cleaning is a very versatile process, which can be adapted to many different kinds of contaminants, applications and substrates. The fact that laser technology allows you to remove contaminants residue free and without damaging the surface makes it a great tool for many applications. Your application might not be listed on our web pages but we are continually discovering new applications for our laser cleaning service.

If you feel that you have a possible application where our process might be able to help you please contact us.


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