Providing pipeline cleaning, pigging and descaling services

This is an area of expertise that has particularly benefited from Tube Tech’s radical approach. Tube Tech uses its own pipeline pigging equipment to suit the consistency of deposits and pipe configuration. It can operate in tube and pipeline bores down to 2mm and as large as 1.5m. pigging and cleaning pipelines that previously were deemed unpiggable. Pipeline operators are facing immense pressure to monitor and maintain pipelines to ensure environmental incidents become more and more rare.

Claiming a lack of budget or indeed a lack of technological development can no longer be used as reasons for a lack of inspection or a lack of a maintenance plan for pipelines. The cost of blockages and high levels of scaling causing immense back pressure on pumping equipment is far higher than any costs incurred for an inspection or maintenance campaign. Traditional pigging often requires that all conditions are perfect, for example; pressure rating, no severe intrusions, weak joints, cracks, etc. With pipelines getting older, diameters varying within the same pipe and many featuring bend restrictions and unfriendly T section fittings, the perfect conditions can often be few and far between.

Tube Tech is highly experienced in the traditional pigging of pipelines. However, unlike other traditional specialist cleaning contractors, Tube Tech is also able to “pig the unpiggable”. A particularly successful Tube Tech innovation is the expandable pig or drift service capable of removing a variety of deposits from large diameter pipelines which can be loaded via a small aperture. We have designed innovative pigs for unusual applications (including studded pigs), which have unblocked pipelines that other contractors had deemed uncleanable and have provided quick and cost effective solutions for the worlds leading pipeline owners.

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Small Bore and Large Bore Pigging

The pigging of very small or large inaccessible and convoluted pipelines is an application which many specialist pigging contractors struggle with, never mind traditional cleaning contractors. Most specialist pigging contractors use standard size pigs but then are unable to adapt their equipment to the specific and often unusual needs of a client for small or large bore pipelines with unusual or restricted access.

In keeping with our can-do attitude Tube Tech has developed several unique services to effectively pig hitherto impossible small and large bore pipelines where traditional pigging approaches have struggled. The ability to pig smaller pipes, for example 4-75 mm diameter is an area in which traditional pigging contractors can struggle. Pigging is an application often associated with large diameter pipelines and particular formulae yet small pipelines can also benefit from innovative pigging methods where formulae is replaced by initial instinct and then in depth trials.

Traditional pigs cannot be used when isolation valves or access is absent on T offs or launch areas meaning the pigs can neither be inserted nor steered down the relevant lines. Tube Tech has developed a unique pigging service which involves building the pig through a narrow restriction located on a much larger pipe. We can even stop the pig at predetermined spots, even at dead ends, where the pig can be extracted via access points such as flanged stubs.

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