Pipeline cleaning, pigging and descaling services

Un-piggable, on cleanable pipelines are one of Tube Tech International specialities.

Regardless of diameter, bends, configuration, fouling levels, subsea or subsoil – Tube Tech develop bespoke technologies to solve specific and seemingly impossible problems.

We can clean from 1 mm to 2000 mm < diameter and larger using a variety of technologies developed over 35 years.

Pipeline operators must seriously consider measuring, monitoring and recording pipeline cleaning methods and standards as well as integrity data to minimise environmental incidents. This is why Tube Tech offer a simultaneously “non conflict” clean and inspect service.

Blocked pipelines can cost hundreds of thousands even millions in lost production and capex replacement caused by inexperience, incorrect cleaning schedules, unknown fouling mechanisms or poor choice in cleaning method.

Subsea pipelines that suffer from stuck pigs often suffer the most financial impact having to resort to ship to shore or pipeline replacement.

Tube Tech have experience in removing stuck pigs in shallow water.

Traditional pigging requires perfect conditions for example; pressure rating, no intrusions, no weak joints, cracks, etc. With pipelines getting older, diameters varying within the same pipe run and many featuring tight radius bends plus unfriendly T section fittings, the perfect conditions can often be few and far between.

Tube Tech International, unlike other traditional specialist pigging contractors specialist in genuinely,“Cleaning the unpiggable”.


A successful innovation is the expandable pig which is loaded via a small aperture.



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Small and Large Pipeline Pigging

Pigging of small or large inaccessible and convoluted pipelines is an application where many specialist pigging and jetting contractors struggle.

In keeping with our can-do attitude Tube Tech has developed the ability to pig smaller pipes from 12mm to 100mm where formulae is replaced by initial instinct and in depth trials.

Traditional pigs cannot be used when isolation valves or access is absent on T offs or launch areas meaning pigs can neither be inserted nor steered down the relevant lines. Tube Tech has developed a unique pigging service which involves building the pig through a narrow restriction located on a much larger pipe. We can even stop the pig at predetermined spots, even at dead ends, where the pig can dissolve harmlessly and remains flushed out.

Please complete our contact form and we will advise you on the best way to pig your small or large bore pipelines.

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