Pyrolysis Cleaning

Pyroblast oven offers superior cleaning results

Tube Tech has developed the revolutionary Pyroblast oven which uses dry heat with the novel inclusion of an environmental blast media at high temperature. This is followed by manual or semi-automated super high-pressure WysperJet water jetting at 60,000 psi. Pyroblast is a process in which a chemical change is effected by heat.

When the Pyroblast oven is loaded with parts coated with cured paint, cured polymer, cured varnish, or other organic material, this material will not start to decompose until it reaches a temperature of about 315-370°C. When the material starts to decompose into smoke, this smoke enters the afterburner chamber where it burns and raises the temperature of the afterburner exhaust gases. When enough smoke is entering the afterburner chamber to drive the exhaust gas temperature up to its set point of 930°C, the oven’s water sprays are activated to cool the furnace and the parts and slow down the evolution of smoke to the afterburner.

Tube Tech has achieved some impressive results using its pyrolysis cleaning methods – if you would like to find out more please complete this online contact form.