Safe and Effective Robotic Cleaning Technology and Techniques

Appreciating the need for safety and the need for non man entry cleaning services Tube Tech has developed a selection of robotic cleaning systems which ensure operator safety while providing excellent cleaning results.

From coked-up bitumen storage tanks to vessels containing leaded vehicle fuel, Tube Tech has successfully robotically cleaned equipment for a host of clients across the world.

Tube Tech takes the time to examine every aspect of every contract and find the best solution for each problem. Robotic cleaning systems include remote controlled dual-purpose, low-flow-pumps used with fury-heads, remote extendible indexing arms and the unique WysperJet™ and Hydrowhip™ systems.


Robotic Cleaning of Fired Heater Convection Tubes

Tube Tech robotically cleans fired heater convection tubes – deep cleaning between both square and triangular pitch rows of convection tubes.

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