Remote Access and Robotic Cleaning Technology and Techniques

The need for safe, robotic, non-human services is on the increase. While there are already a host of inspection robots and lightweight manipulator there are very few cleaning robots able to access process plant items.

It is often overlooked that one can only inspect the asset integrity of fired and unfired assets or steel structures such as tanks and reactor surfaces if the surface has been adequately prepared. All too often inspection fails due to this simple oversight, namely: “How Clean is Clean?”

As a world leader Tube Tech International have developed “clean and inspect” robots to ensure cleanliness is achieved first time every time to the desired level in readiness for inspection.

From coked-up bitumen storage tanks to catalyst reactors and vessels containing toxic corrosive by products, Tube Tech has successfully cleaned equipment for a host of clients across the world using remote access technologies.

Tube Tech examine every aspect of a clients project, challenging current strategies in order to establish best practice and bespoke cost saving solution.

Robotic Fired Heater Cleaning and inspection.

Convection Bank Tubes

Our world first fired heater convection cleaning robot guarantees a deep clean all the way down in between every row of square or triangular pitch finned convection tubes.

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