DarTT™ Tube Scrapers

Innovative Tube Cleaning Solutions

Tube Tech are pleased to have engineered and now manufacture their unique DarTT™ Tube cleaning system.

Keeping tubes clean has a host of benefits to you which include:-

  • Improving condenser efficiency
  • Restoring tubes to best working condition
  • Extending the life of the tubes
  • Effective removal of fouling
  • Increasing heat transfer
  • Saving fuel

The DarTT’s™ are metal scraper bullets which are propelled down the tubes using high volume water, removing the offending deposits on their way.

Tube Tech is also able to offer phosphor bronze tube cleaners ideal for the cleaning of copper based tubes. The additional benefits of Tube Tech’s phosphor bronze tube cleaners include:-

  • Removes potential for galvanic reaction or differential metal contamination
  • Designed specifically for the tube ID
  • Rust free

All of the tube cleaners designed and manufactured by Tube Tech are robust. In fact they are so robust they can be cleaned down and reused time and time again thus reducing waste metal.

Many leading businesses have benefited from the use of Tube Tech’s unique Dartt.

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