Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Jetting

Tube Tech’s highly trained operatives are all qualified to provide ultra high pressure water jetting services. A cleaning technique which requires the highest levels of safety.

UHP water jetting is used to remove tenacious fouling such as fused polymer, or for fouling that is hazardous such as chemical waste.

Ultra high pressure water jetting is also used for removing concrete and for cutting metal ready for disposal.

Using ultra high pressure water jets and innovative, market-leading techniques, Tube Tech’s team of experts can clean the inside and outside of pipework and tanks to improve plant operation, and increase efficiency.

UHP is also used by many customers to prepare surfaces for treatment or painting, thereby improving appearance and increasing the longevity of equipment.

Ultra High Pressure Jetting is perfect for:
• Removing debris and deposits from industrial machinery.
• Cleaning paint and other treatments from equipment surfaces.
• Safely cleaning hazardous waste without the use of detergents or other chemicals.
• Environmentally friendly cleaning applications.

Please contact Tube Tech today to find out more about how Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Jetting can improve plant yield as part of a regular maintenance routine.