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Tube Tech’s prime objective is to provide customers with proven, research driven, high-tech cleaning and inspection services to solve even the most difficult cleaning challenges with the assurance that our methods will achieve significant savings, reduce downtime and CO2 emissions, increase throughput and improve safety standards.

We assure you – our approach will achieve dramatic savings site wide.


Tube Tech Values

Driven to solve seemingly impossible problems. Can do attitude, driven to do it right first time every time. Postively challenge accepted norm.

Innovation & Expertise

Tubetech International is not a traditional, conventional cleaning contractor. We are here to not just make a big difference but a “dramatic” difference compared with similar companies. We would look to provide a cleaning service which will provide better results providing reduced costs and performance increases.

Tube Tech has witnessed first-hand the substantial losses heavy industrial clients suffer from the inability to clean heat transfer and process plants during daily and shutdown events. Tube Tech specialises in cleaning the impossible, critical path plant, where others have tried and failed or where new technology needs to be invented to solve a particular issue.

Tube Tech continuously invest in research and development to discover new and better methods for cleaning static heat transfer equipment within all heavy industrial sectors.

We have access to 50+ different cleaning technologies and techniques.

Tube Tech continually invests in state of the art IT and administration systems to ensure accurate recording of contractual information leaving nothing to chance. You will get a solution.

What other contractor comes back to you and says this was how it was done, these are things we could improve and these are the things you could improve? With feedback and data of this quality, the customer can learn from our experience to make …

If your problem is critical we will mobilise straight away. Within the UIK and close mainland Europe for example, we can often mobilise within 24 hours and across the globe in 72 hours.

The Industry

Traditional water jetting equipment does not access and cannot clean all areas of static heat transfer equipment. This means that coked-up heat exchangers, for example, will have all been returned to service in some form of semi fouled condition. Hydrocarbons will harden over time, resulting in quicker fouling of the exchangers, hot spots and under scale corrosion risk increases not to mention the increased fuel usage and corresponding CO2 emissions.

Most heavy industrial plants continue to be built using 80 year old, shell and tube heat exchanger designs.

However Tube Tech believes that a majority of all exchangers will go back into service with fouling remaining both tube and shell side – having using the traditional methods of waterjet and chemical principals. Imagine the refineries’ production losses and asset life issues.

These existing technologies using local cleaning techniques, training and mind sets are a major cause of negative commercial, safety and environmental impacts.

Tube Tech’s innovative cleaning and inspection services will help to change this situation.

Tube Tech Mission and Values

Tube Tech promote Quality, Innovation, Responsibility, Honesty and Trust, and Teamwork

Our Mission

  • To provide the most outstanding and professional specialist industrial cleaning service to clients across the globe

We Will

  • Be committed to the service of our clients
  • Act with integrity and transparency
  • Make the best use of our resourcesManage our affairs responsibly and professionally
  • Deal with our clients and our staff fairly and with respect

Our Values

  • Providing a superior level of customer service
  • Using all of our experience and resources to not only meet but exceed our clients expections
  • Our staff being highly skilled, highly trained and are able to represent the Company in the best and most professional manner possible
  • To use of technology to ensure excellent communication with our clients and our staff
  • Providing our staff with the training and support they need to perform at an excellent standard and keep themselves and others safe

Our Vision

  • To be regarded as the best specialist industrial cleaning company in the world
  • To set up a global network of Tube Tech International Ltd companies
  • To confidently send a fully trained individual or team to any country in the world trusting that they will maintain our mission, vision and values
  • To recruit and retain the best specialist cleaning technicians available