Advanced Decontamination / Decommissioning Techniques

The need for new technology to assist with nuclear decontamination and decommissioning is still very apparent in view of the constant development of new production technologies within the nuclear power sector

Appreciating the need for safety and the need for non man entry cleaning services, specialist industrial cleaning contractor Tube Tech have developed a zero waste blasting technique plus a selection of robotic and rotary cleaning systems while ensure operator safety while providing excellent cleaning results. Tube Tech believes that nuclear decontamination and decommissioning can be performed safer, faster and more effectively when innovative and remote techniques are used.

Fast and Safe Zero Waste Blasting
NitroBlast makes the removal of virtually any coating or contamination quicker, safer and easier than ever before. Tube Tech provide a vacuum capture system allowing coating collection – eliminating the need for masking and containment structures. NitroBlast is a dry process eliminating the need for cleanup, processing and disposal of secondary waste – saving time and money.

Case Study
NitroBlast was able to remove nuclear low level radiation contaminant to free release from both concrete and steel surfaces in a Nuclear power installation. The concrete surfaces had 10mm of concrete removed using this process where the radiation had penetrated. Unlike UHP water, NitroBlast was able to do the same but without the need for costly and environmentally damaging disposal.

This technique is not limited to the nuclear industry. The NitroBlast system has also been used to remove a thick coating from the gates and flaps on a sluice system in the UK.

The operators of this flood water defence system required a fast and safe technique to remove the coating from the system from both above and below the water line. One of the many prerequisites Tube Tech had to meet was a guarantee that no particulates from the coating could be allowed to enter the water course. Tube Tech not only met but exceeded the clients expectations.

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