Clients Care for Contractors Counts

Ken McMahon has been Tube Tech’s Workshop Manager for the last 15 years and during that time has visited several hundred industrial sites across the world. When asked about his favourite contract Ken said it was hard to decide on his favourite but that one thing always shone through – a client’s care for contractors.

“Safety is without doubt the most important consideration on any site and working for a client who takes safety as seriously as we do is always good,” says Ken. “When our clients also consider the needs of their contractors then these are the contracts that I remember.” Tube Tech provide innovative specialist industrial cleaning services and often use high and ultra high water pressure jetting as part of their techniques hence safety being their ultimate priority.

Ken mentions a recent contract in East Africa where, despite torrential storms, alternative transport to site was quickly arranged and once there the Tube Tech team were provided with excellent accommodation near to the site. “Speaking with other contractors who had worked on this site many times it appeared that the company really respected their contractors and went out of their way to ensure we were well rested for each day’s work.”

Ken recalls that while conducting tube polishing for a refinery in Oman the client was able to provide shade and a constant supply of cold water for the Tube Tech team. “We were working in extreme heat but the client did all they could to assist us including providing ice to ensure our equipment was also kept cool.”

“I also enjoyed a V.C.F.E/Texas Tower cleaning contract in Canada,” says Ken. “We were using high pressure water jetting, our unique darTT system and advanced tube polishing techniques to ensure the unit was cleaned for IRIS inspection.” The client on this occasion interacted regularly with the Tube Tech team, provided excellent facilities for all of the shutdown contractors and provided positive feedback to not just Tube Tech but also other refineries within their group.

Tube Tech have worked on a wide range of refining, petrochemical and power plants across the world and Ken has been involved in many of these contracts. “When communication with the client is good and the contractors on site feel valued it makes the whole experience enjoyable. At the end of the day we all want the same thing – an effective contract, completed on time and most importantly safely.”