Solving Impossible Cleaning Challenges – Time and Again

We asked Scott Donson, Tube Tech’s Technical Sales Manager, to tell us about his favourite cleaning or inspection contract. Scott has been with the company for 20 years so has a host of contracts to choose from.

“It is hard to choose just one so I am going to highlight my top three,” says Scott. “The first was the cleaning of a U-tube (hairpin) crude heat exchanger on an offshore platform in Qatar. This client had tried a range of traditional cleaning techniques before Tube Tech were asked to fly out to the platform. Using their unique MicroFlex lance to remove deposits from the u bends Tube Tech were able to ensure the quality of crude oil exported from the platform was improved. “We succeeded against the odds and were invited back to the platform for another contract 12 months later,” says Scott.

Number two on Scott’s list is a fin fan cleaning contract at a UK manufacturing plant. “We were initially the only contractor who had a solution for this client’s fin fan cleaning requirements. We have been returning to the site for many years now and continue to have an open and positive relationship with the client,” says Scott. Tube Tech developed a revolutionary fin fan cleaning head which has since become one of Tube Tech’s +50 unique cleaning technologies. In addition when the plant redesigned some of their units Tube Tech modified their technology to accommodate small access.

Last on Scott’s favourites list is the cleaning of sealant lines for a car manufacturer in the UK. Tube Tech were asked to clean pipes which travelled the entire assembly area delivering sealant and used a modified pigging system to accommodate stepped machined bends. “We solved this challenge and really did perform the impossible much to the relief of our client.”