Fast and Safe Cleaning of Turbine Blades

Appreciating the fine balance needed on turbine blades, Tube Tech has designed the FastIce to clean turbine blades. The system uses bespoke CO2 pellets propelled using an extremely high pressure mist of water to remove stubborn scale deposits which become adhered to the turbine blade surface.

Gas LP and HP turbine blades in power stations pick up deposits while in service and this coating of scale upsets the delicate dynamics of the blades which then creates an imbalance that can slow the turbine. Slowing of the turbine leads to reduced output and ultimately increased maintenance and operating costs.


FastIce Turbine Blade Cleaning Technology

Tube Tech’s turbine blade FastIce system does not require the turbine rotor set to be lifted out and can clean in situ. Previously aluminium oxide shot blasting techniques needed the turbine to be lifted out by crane. With bespoke blasting accessories Tube Tech can penetrate into even the most awkward of positions or corners, without leaving abrasive behind and collecting what little scale is removed simultaneously at source.

FastIce is much faster than slow traditional dry ice and manual cleaning methods – proving to be around 10 times faster than traditional techniques.

The Tube Tech method creates zero surface abrasion and therefore does not upset the delicate balance of the rotor or turbine blades. This means the client saves the cost of early replacement due to a longer plant life and run time.

In short the Tube Tech turbine blade cleaning service:

  • Is less expensive
  • Creates zero waste
  • Does not require the turbine to be lifted out
  • Cleans each turbine blade back to bare metal
  • Does not damage or alter the profile of the turbine blades – there is no deterioration of the blade aerofoil surface which is particularly important for high pressure turbine blading

To find out more about Tube Tech’s turbine blade cleaning service, please contact us.



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