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Tube Tech International has launched a dedicated local base in Houston, Texas, allowing us to be responsive to the needs of the US refinery and petrochemical industry.

Our unrivaled refinery cleaning and maintenance services in Houston provide significant savings to clients by reducing downtime, cutting CO2 emissions, increasing throughput and improving safety standards.

To find out how we help you to deliver the maximum uptime and profit from your assets, please contact us using the form below.

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    Tube Tech International has launched a dedicated base in Houston, Texas, to ensure local clients receive the highest return on investment following the removal of fouling from heat transfer assets.
    USA Base
  • Our exclusive supply contract with Jetstream of Houston LLP gives us assured access to North America’s leading pump equipment range, enabling us to pass on logistical savings to our customers.
    Partnership with Jetstream of Houston
  • Delivered across multiple heat exchanger locations around the world, our range of robotic fouling removal solutions are unique to the market and offer unrivaled benefits to your turnaround processes.
  • Significant savings, immediate ROI, reduced downtime and CO2 emissions, and improving unit lifetime and performance are just a few of the benefits our clients experience following our services.

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