Vertical Combined Feed Exchanger


Innovative cleaning of VCFE/Texas Towers

Tube Tech International can clean Texas Towers/Vertical Combined Feed Exchangers (VCFE) for Cyclar and CCR Platformer units quickly and effectively regardless of the level of deposit.

Cyclar units are used to make aromatics from LPG and CCR Platformers make gasoline or aromatics from heavy naphtha and both are liable to heavy fouling.

Previous contracts to clean Texas Towers have seen Tube Tech International achieve the required high standard of cleaning in just three days, This represents a time saving of 75% on VCFE/Texas Tower cleaning methods used by other traditional contractors, normally take up to 10 days.

Typical fouling on the combined feed (tube side) of VCFE/Texas Towers could be scale, debris, iron sulphide, iron chloride, ammonia chloride or gum while on the reactor effluent side (shell) typical fouling could be resins, ammonium chloride or catalyst dust.

Turnaround maintenance engineers, turnaround planners and maintenance planners dealing with unplanned outages on sites with Texas Tower/VCFEs need to work with qualified industrial cleaning specialists such as Tube Tech.

Texas Towers/VCFE (Platformers) are critical to the process and, as a vital part of the operation, Tube Tech has developed systems to clean them quickly and efficiently whilst also reducing chemical waste, an unwanted by-product of traditional cleaning methods.

Tube Tech cleans with high pressure water, mechanically and with chemicals. Tube Tech has developed a 7-8mm micro lance system which when used with Tube Tech’s own lance-feeding mechanism offers the versatility needed for cleaning VCFE/Texas Towers. Tube Tech also use its Rotaflex, SoftDrill and darTT systems depending on the nature of the fouling.

Tube Tech’s VCFE/Texas Tower cleaning successes include:

  • Texas Tower /VCFE cleaning time reduced by 75%
  • Texas Tower / VCFE platformer cleaned despite limited access
  • Fastclean system used to clean severely fouled Texas Tower
  • World First mechanical clean of shell AND tube side of VCFE Platformer

Please contact us to find out more about our Texas/Tower VCFE cleaning service.